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Here are Central Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment besides offering top quality new Atosa units and refurbished refrigeration & restaurant equipment, we also offer OEM and Universal Parts for all of your commercial refrigeration, restaurant, heating and cooling needs. Whether you are a do it yourself-er (DIY) or are another company looking to get parts we have what you are looking for. 

Commercial Refrigeration Hardware & Restaurant Parts

We have a wide range of OEM and Universal parts to fit your needs. Anything from refrigeration door handles, shelving for your refrigeration equipment, commercial refrigerator/freezer thermometers to gaskets of almost any kind.

We also carry replacement hardware and parts for your restaurant equipment.

Quality new Heating, Cooling and Commercial Refrigeration Parts

We have all the parts needed to help complete any do it your-self job.Contact us today for OEM heating and cooling parts.

Are you in need of a new compressor? Is it time to replace that worn out and clogged filter? Contact us today for OEM heating and cooling parts.

Quality New Commercial Refrigeration Gasket's

Does your commercial refrigeration equipment need new gaskets? We offer OEM gaskets for all commercial refrigeration units. Prices depend on the unit since all gasket's vary. When calling please have the Brand, Model and Serial number handy.

To determine if a door gasket is providing the proper seal simply place a dollar bill between the closing surface and the door gasket. If you are able to pull out the dollar bill without tugging on it, the door gasket is in need of replacement.